We are a group of law students and lawyers who help people fight their street tickets for free. We don’t want to see people go to jail or be burdened by debt for panhandling or other minor charges, especially when those offenses are the consequence of poverty in the first place. Our advocates meet with our clients to understand their story and their needs before giving advice and representation and doing whatever can be done to relieve the vicious cycle of punitive sentencing.  


Our Mission…

1)    To reduce the number of street ticket convictions in the City of Toronto and,

2)    To decrease debt from previous street ticket convictions imposed on street involved, and formerly street involved, people.


Our Vision…

A Toronto where people who are in need can politely ask strangers for help without the fear of punitive repercussions.

A Toronto where people who are trying to recover from a street involved life are not also burdened by mountains of debt.