Our Clients

Our clients are people who are street involved. This means people who are living, working, or spending a significant part of their time on the streets of Toronto.

Our clients may be sleeping on the street,  in shelters, in boarding homes or in supported or assisted housing. Many of our clients are recipients of ODSP or Ontario Works.


Our Services

To enlist our services, clients must meet with one of our advocates in person, fill out an information form and sign a retainer agreement. Please see our 'Contact' page to learn when, where and how to find us. 

Once an agreement has been signed, our advocates can offer a variety of services, including:

  • Advice on how to dispute a charge
  • Negotiation at Early Resolution Meetings with Provincial prosecutors 
  • Representation at trials
  • Advice and representation in the appeal process for people with large quantities of fines

Note that, as a volunteer service, we reserve the right to select our cases and clients. We do not guarantee that we will always be able or willing to provide the aforementioned services.   


Offenses We Assist With

Our advocates will help clients to handle Provincial Offense tickets such as:

  • Solicit on Roadway
  • Solicit near ATM
  • Solicit near TTC
  • Encumber the Sidewalk
  • Pedestrian fail to use crossway
  • Pedestrian disobey signals
  • Consume Liquor in Illegal Place
  • Enter Premises when prohibited
  • Solicit on TTC property
  • Or other street tickets.

We do not assist with moving traffic violations. Such as speeding tickets or driving without insurance.